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What People Are Saying

Working with Cheryl last year was one of the best experiences in a long time of pursuing my professional development. She was able to help me define my visions, focus my efforts, and guide me towards an efficient and successful job search. Even though she has not worked in my field, she provided me with plenty of tailored resources and taught me how to use social media tools for professional networking and growth. Even after finding a new job I continue to work with her on my career development goals, because she thinks out of the box and gives advice that consistently brings me closer to the 5-year goal that she helped me formulate. Cheryl always appears to be one step ahead of your thought process and is extremely talented at asking the necessary questions so you can reach your own conclusions as to what seems best for you. She is motivating, supportive, optimistic yet realistic, and one of the most positive forces you can have on your side while trying to reach the next goal.”

Susanne Ebling

Cheryl has been a pleasure to work with and she gets results. I found a new position, in a tough economic environment, through LinkedIn using the strategies that Cheryl taught me. I was in the job market actively looking for over six months. I was not using social media before the pilot program with Cheryl and was having very limited success. Once I started using social media based under Cheryl's direction, my success rate improved dramatically and the number of interviews increased resulting in multiple job offers. I highly recommend Cheryl as a career coach.

Dave Becker

“I had been struggling with the umptenth rewrite of my resume for weeks, unable to get it to speak out for me. Then a mutual friend recommended Cheryl. I didn't call her right away since I stubbornly insisted to myself that I could do it without help. Finally, I realized that I needed a new set of eyes and some new thinking. Cheryl's response knocked me over. In a few short days I had a powerful resume that is exactly what I was looking for as well as a cover letter that I can easily customize. Cheryl delivers!

Richard Floyd

Cheryl wrote my resume, and after weeks of sending out my old resume and getting no phone calls, as soon as I got the first draft I sent it to a few job listings and was 5 for 6 in return phone calls- yes 5 for 6!!!..after no responses in the first 2 weeks; Cheryl's work made that much of a difference!! I know anyone looking to move on from where they are working and needs that GREAT resume should contact Cheryl immediately.”

Darrin Bailey

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What services do you offer?

Call to Career provides career coaching and resume writing services.

What is executive career coaching?

Executive career coaching is a process by which clients identify issues with their careers or their job searches and work with a coach to devise effective solutions to those issues. Since career coaches are trained in the area of career development, they are attuned to what is going on in the workplace as well as the job market, and they are well equipped to assist clients with moving forward with their careers.

How does this coaching work?

Call to Career works with clients virtually on an individual and sometimes group basis, partnering with clients to master different aspects of the job search (i.e., social networking, interviewing, and salary negotiation) and get unstuck in terms of their careers.

Is virtual coaching effective?

Most coaching is done virtually. According to the International Coach Federation (ICF) over 94% of all coaching is virtual. And according to a survey conducted by ICF, here are some of the benefits that clients reported that they received from coaching:

Increased self-awareness 67%

Lower stress levels 57%

Setting better goals 62%

Self-discovery 53%

More balanced life 60%

Self-confidence 52%

How long will it take?

Executive career coaching is available at Call to Career in monthly increments. Most executives need two to three months of career coaching in order to make a career change or learn how to most effectively search for their next positions.

Who is a good candidate for career coaching?

Executives who are willing to take responsibility for their own careers are good candidates for career coaching. To find out if you are ready for coaching, take the following assessment: Are You Coachable?

How can career coaching help me find a new job?

A career coach can help identify where you are getting stuck in your job search and suggest interventions to help you overcome obstacles. A career coach can also help you stay focused with your job search and teach you how to use the cutting edge tools to expedite your search.

How can career coaching help me identify a career that I am well suited for?

Through career assessment a coach can help you hone in on your unique strengths. Once those have been confirmed, the career coach will help you identify and research careers that are appropriate for you.

Why should I pay someone to write my resume? Can´t I do it myself?

You can write your resume yourself if you choose to. And in fact you can purchase The Complete Guide to Resume Writing on this website to help you write a good resume. But most executives find that it is difficult to write a crisp, professional resume themselves that objectively highlights their achievements without either underselling or overselling themselves.

Particularly in this bad job market, you want a resume that makes you look like you deserve the salary that you can command. Without an executive look and feel to your resume, it will be hard to convince a hiring manager that you are worth the investment.

Once I decide to hire Call to career to rewrite my resume, what is the process?

After we receive payment, we will send you an email asking you to complete an attached questionnaire and reply with your current resume. After we receive both documents, it takes three business days before you receive your draft. After you receive your draft, we ask that you review it thoroughly to see what revisions you would like to make. You have two opportunities to request revisions from your resume writer. We will work with you to ensure that you are pleased with the finished product.

How much do most resume writers charge?

According to Frank Fox of the Professional Association of Resume Writers, certified resume writers typically charge between $300 and $600 to produce an executive resume and $200 to $400 for a midlevel professional (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB120827444400016433.html?mod=googlewsj). You can read the article on Wall Street Journal at the URL above.

What distinguishes Call to Career from other career coaching/resume writing services?

Call to Career insists on delivering excellence to its clients. This excellence has been recognized by the media with the owner of Call to Career, Cheryl Palmer, M.Ed., CECC, CPRW, being quoted repeatedly in media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, CNN/CareerBuilder, MarketWatch, The Ladders, ExecuNet, and HotJobs. She has also been interviewed on Fox Business News as well as Maryland Public Television.

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