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What People Are Saying

Working with Cheryl last year was one of the best experiences in a long time of pursuing my professional development. She was able to help me define my visions, focus my efforts, and guide me towards an efficient and successful job search. Even though she has not worked in my field, she provided me with plenty of tailored resources and taught me how to use social media tools for professional networking and growth. Even after finding a new job I continue to work with her on my career development goals, because she thinks out of the box and gives advice that consistently brings me closer to the 5-year goal that she helped me formulate. Cheryl always appears to be one step ahead of your thought process and is extremely talented at asking the necessary questions so you can reach your own conclusions as to what seems best for you. She is motivating, supportive, optimistic yet realistic, and one of the most positive forces you can have on your side while trying to reach the next goal.”

Susanne Ebling

Cheryl has been a pleasure to work with and she gets results. I found a new position, in a tough economic environment, through LinkedIn using the strategies that Cheryl taught me. I was in the job market actively looking for over six months. I was not using social media before the pilot program with Cheryl and was having very limited success. Once I started using social media based under Cheryl's direction, my success rate improved dramatically and the number of interviews increased resulting in multiple job offers. I highly recommend Cheryl as a career coach.

Dave Becker

“I had been struggling with the umptenth rewrite of my resume for weeks, unable to get it to speak out for me. Then a mutual friend recommended Cheryl. I didn't call her right away since I stubbornly insisted to myself that I could do it without help. Finally, I realized that I needed a new set of eyes and some new thinking. Cheryl's response knocked me over. In a few short days I had a powerful resume that is exactly what I was looking for as well as a cover letter that I can easily customize. Cheryl delivers!

Richard Floyd

Cheryl wrote my resume, and after weeks of sending out my old resume and getting no phone calls, as soon as I got the first draft I sent it to a few job listings and was 5 for 6 in return phone calls- yes 5 for 6!!!..after no responses in the first 2 weeks; Cheryl's work made that much of a difference!! I know anyone looking to move on from where they are working and needs that GREAT resume should contact Cheryl immediately.”

Darrin Bailey

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Do you have a spotty work record?  You haven’t really stayed at one place very long.  You have less than a year here and less than a year there.  Or you change jobs every year or two.  Do you know why?  Have you identified for yourself what the real reason is?

Here are some possibilities:

1)      You’re bored. Without sufficient challenge, you are likely to move on to the next thing.  The problem with that is that if you get bored quickly and move on quickly, you will not be seen as a stable employee by future employers.

2)      You’re not in the right field.  It’s very possible that you have not identified the true problem.  It may not be your boss or your co-workers.  It may be that you are in a field that is not a good fit for you, and that is the cause of your unhappiness.  If the source of your troubles is that you have not yet found your niche, make it your top priority to find out what is.

3)      You keep chasing the money. In this scenario, it’s not necessarily that you’re bored or that you’re not in the right field.  It’s simply that you have been able to give yourself a raise when you want to by finding a new job.  But that bubble will burst at some point if employers start to see you as too risky.  They may think that you will move on before making it worth their while to employ you.  It is particularly tempting to regularly keep climbing the salary ladder if you are in a field that is in high demand like IT.  However, even in a field that is lucrative and is constant need of workers, you run the risk of burning your bridges.  Changing jobs too often can be seen as a pattern that you are unwilling to break.

4)      You don’t do your homework before taking a job. Unfortunately, some people find themselves in a situation where they have unintentionally had a series of jobs of short duration because they did not look before they leaped.  Any job can sound good, but if you don’t do your due diligence, you may join a company only to realize in due time that the place is a disaster.  That is why it pays to research a company as thoroughly as you can using resources like Dun & Bradstreet, Standard & Poors, and Glassdoor.  It will be in your best interest to make an informed decision about the place where you will be spending at least 40 hours out of every week.

5)      You have unresolved issues that dog you. Can we be honest?  Sometimes the issue is you.  It’s not intentional on your part, but there are issues that you haven’t yet put behind you.  Like a bad temper or problems with authority, for example.  These are problems that will haunt you wherever you go, so changing jobs is not the answer.  If you have problems that follow you from job to job, get help.  A counselor can help you work through your issues so that your future is not clouded by your past.

The good news is that you can turn the situation around if you want to.  A career coach can help you identify a job and/or career that is a good fit for you.  And a resume writer can help you present your work history in the best light so that your previous work history doesn’t have to hold you back.

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